Don Muchow  Photography


If there is one theme that is consistent in all my photographs it is my response to light. For me light is the locus around which the composition takes shape. It illuminates the familiar in our world and can alter our perception of it. Shadows deepen surface into space. The glow of a mist dissolves the defined edge and boundary becomes limitless. In an engagement with the ordinary, light leads us to a moment of relevance. My photographs are an attempt to provide the viewer with a personal experience of that moment.


I was born in Pittsburgh where the geography of steep hills and muddy rivers lined with industry combined to create powerful landscapes which left a lasting impression on me. I left Pittsburgh for rural Ohio to attend Hiram College where I studied philosophy, photography and filmmaking. After obtaining my BA I moved to New York and entered the graduate film program at New York University. I currently reside in Brooklyn where I work as a lighting professional on both television and theatrical film productions. Throughout my career I have worked consistently in both still and motion picture mediums. My still images encompass a diverse range of subject matter but they find their genesis in the way that light forms an interpretation of the moment. In addition to short films I have also produced documentaries. My work is in numerous private and public collections in New York, Chicago, Cleveland and Maine including Hiram College and Colby College Museum of Art. My short films have been exhibited at festivals and aired on Public Television.